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This page is for general CAF questions and usage.  For project specific information please check the project wiki.  Links to project specific wiki pages can be found here:

Contacts and escalation when technical problems are encountered

New mirror request process

  • In order to request a new mirror for an existing project, send an email to:  
  • Be sure to include:
    • The project this is for.
    • The URL where the code will be mirrored from.
    • The path to the CAF repo where the code will be mirrored and whether the mirror is in an existing repo or a new repo.
    • The Jira ticket showing LOST approval.
    • If the mirror needs to be re-synced, how often. (Daily or Weekly)

History rewrite process

  • Repo history change requests send an email to:
  • Admins will make necessary changes to the repo config and respond. 
  • once the history changes have been made respond back to notifying them that the change is complete.
  • Admins will then remove the ability to change history.

How to upload changes/patches to a project

If you clone with this method:

              git clone + <Path to Repo>

for example:
              git clone

This will work to push the changes:

              git push origin <Branch Name>

for example:
              git push origin master

Steps the admin needs to follow to add a new person to contribute/administer the project or remove a person

  • To add contributors or change admins, send an email to:  
  • Be sure to carbon-copy the project Admin so that they can approve this change.

Steps to pull from the Linux Foundation instead of CAF

  • Setup your /.gitconfig with an insteadOf to replace with

       [url "git://"]
           insteadOf = "git://"
           insteadOf = "git://"

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