CAF Mirror Information

CAF public mirrors

There are currently 6 main mirror locations:

CAF uses geo-IP based DNS servers to direct default requests to the nearest server.

Using CDN-backed bundle files

The main development tool, repo, can use git bundle files in order to offload a lot of traffic to a locally-available CDN mirror. CAF provides bundle files, but they are not available for use with project manifests that use the legacy git:// URLs. If you would like to benefit from improved download speeds, please execute the following command to always use the new-style URLs:

git config --global url. git://

This should significantly improve cloning speed for many people accessing CAF from outside of North America or APAC.

Use the fast mirror for read-only "repo sync"

To use the mirror in a private repo, run the following command:

git config --global url.ssh:// ssh://

Accessing CAF in Mainland China

GeoIP information for Mainland China is not sufficiently accurate to automatically route requests to the nearest China server, so we recommend that clients in Mainland China configure their systems manually to direct repo requests to one of the three servers that works best for them.

To always use the Beijing server, run the following commands:

git config --global url. git://
git config --global url.

To always use the Shanghai server, run the following commands:

git config --global url. git://
git config --global url.

Accessing other CAF projects in mainland China

Some individual projects require additional options:

Firefox OS for Snapdragon
git config --global --add url. git://

Linux Base
git config --global --add url. git://

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