** This page is deprecated.  ZNC is no longer used.  For IRC access please see this page:

ZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer which is available to CAF users who want to use IRC without disconnecting, reconnecting and losing their chat sessions.

For general information on ZNC, check out http://wiki.znc.in/ZNC

User Registration

To enable your CAF account to connect to ZNC, please send an email to ITPeople AT codeaurora DOT org  with the subject of 'Requesting ZNC account'. The body of the email should include your CAF username.

A confirmation email will be sent once ITPeople enables your CAF account for ZNC.

IRC Clients

Several IRC clients are distributed with popular Linux distributions and are available through the distributions package manager (eg; "yum install xchat").

A list of opensource IRC clients.

How to Connect to ZNC

Configure your IRC client with the following details

IRC Serverznc.codeaurora.org
IRC Port12345

An example on how to connect to ZNC using the console based IRC client, irssi.

  1. Run irssi.
    $ irssi
  2. Within the irssi console connect to znc.codeaurora.org 12345/tcp using ssl.
    /server -ssl znc.codeaurora.org 12345
  3. When prompted, authenticate with ZNC.
    /quote PASS <username>:<password>
  4. For a list of ZNC commands, query the *status user for help
    /query *status

ZNC Configuration and Usage

Once your ZNC account has been enabled, you can update your ZNC settings through the ZNC web interface.

  1. Log into https://znc.codeaurora.org:12345 using your codeaurora.org username and password.
  2. Go to 'Your Settings'.
    1. Nickname: the IRC nick your account will use.
    2. Alt. Nickname: an alternative IRC nick incase your primary Nickname is already taken.
    3. Ident: the identity of your connection information.
    4. Realname: a string used for your connection information and displayed when someone queries /whois NICK
    5. Quit Message: a string used to display to users on IRC channels when you /quit an IRC network.
  3. To add a new IRC network to your ZNC account go to Your Settings -> Networks -> Add.
    1. Network Name: the name of the network.
    2. Servers of this IRC network: An ordered list of IRC servers that ZNC will connect to for this network.

To interface with ZNC start a private message session with the *status user providing it with commands. Most IRC clients will open a private message session with the **/query** command.

/query *status
  1. You can list the available IRC networks you have within ZNC by running listnetworks.
  2. To connect to an IRC networks defined within ZNC use jumpnetwork NETWORK_NAME.


For security reasons, ZNC has fail2ban enforced which will deny access to any IRC client that attempts to log in unsuccessfully twice in 1 minute. This will result in the source IP address of the IRC client being denied access to ZNC for 1 minute.

If you receive a ERROR :Closing link [Please try again later - reconnecting too fast] message from ZNC, we recommend you wait 1 minute before reconnecting.

IRC network Connection Limit

Most public IRC networks limit the number of concurrent connections from a single source IP address which will result in a Too many connections from your IP error message. If this does happen, email ITPeople AT codeaurora DOT org with your ZNC username and we will investigate whether we can have the limit increased.

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