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 Redmine Users Read This!

  • CodeAurora will be moving services to be hosted at the Linux Foundation.  
  • When this move happens the redmine solution, will no longer be available.

Why are we making this change?

We are doing this for two reasons:

  1. In order to better manage CodeAurora, everyone who uploads any code to CAF will need to do so in the same way.
  2. The Linux Foundation has hard requirements on how code is uploaded to their servers.  

The Linux Foundation supports and uses gitolite to manage git repos.  Good news for you redmine users as you're already used to using gitosis.  Gitolite is very similar.

Instead, you will have a project admin git repo that you will clone, which will then be used to manage and create your repositories.

What does this mean to you?


What is gitolite?  How do I use it?

For an understanding of how gitolite works, please read: 

Ok, I've read the documents.  How do I manage my code repositories?

You will need an repo setup to clone.  Contact for help with setting up new repos.
Once done, you can either clone the repository, or setup a remote origin from an existing repo that you can push to.

To clone the repository

  • do git clone provided by itpeople in the ticket.
    • Don't worry about an error message that you may get that states you've appeared to have cloned an empty repo.  This is normal.
  • Make your changes, check them in and push them back up.

To add a remote

Create a local git repo:

  • mkdir myrepo
  • cd myrepo
  • git init
    Add some files and check them in
  • git add myfile
  • git commit -m 'Adding in myfile' myfile
    Add the remote
  • git remote add origin
    Push your changes
  • git push origin master

Redmine allowed me to create hierarchical projects, can I do that with gitolite?

Unfortunately, no that is not possible with gitolite.

How do I browse my code trees?

Use gitweb. Ex:

How do I use the Xwiki?

Log into, if you need a new one created contact

I still have questions.

Please contact with any further questions.

Created by superadmin on 2020/04/18 20:53