In order to bring you a better service, we have decided to migrate our ZNC users to, which offers significant improvements over what our current ZNC service has to offer.

Benefits of over ZNC:

  • rich web interface allowing you to better manage your networks and channels
  • powerful browser-based IRC client
  • availability of mobile clients offering mobile notification support
  • ZNC-like bouncer interface for desktop and console clients, should you wish to continue using your preferred IRC client alongside/instead of the browser interface

To request an IRCCloud account, send an email to itpeople titled IRCCloud account request.  When your request is processed you will receive an email from containing an invite link you can follow to enable your membership (invites will be sent to your email address).  If you require help configuring your account, please check out the following resources:

The ZNC service at has been shut down as of May 20th, 2019.  If you have any questions not covered by the irccloud FAQ, please feel free to contact the CAF service desk.

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