CodeAurora Project Setup

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You must Register as a Developer prior to requesting a CAF Project

Please copy/paste and fill out this form (see bullet list below).  Email completed form to: ITPeople AT codeaurora DOT org

Here is what ITPeople will need to create a new CAF project:

  • Name of Project (please choose a name that can not be confused with similar projects from other CAF members. i.e. "Linux BSP" is unacceptable, "MyProduct Open Embedded BSP for SomeSoC" is fine)
  • Short Description of Project (1-2 sentences)
  • Long Description of Project (what is it, what does it do, etc. so the open source community can understand it and use it)
  • Short Name to use in Path URL (<10 characters)
  • Open Source Licenses used in Project (this is typically the Project level license like BSD?, Apache?, GPL? -- only OSI approved licenses may be used)
  • Project Admin name/CAF email contact (someone who will be responsible for this project)
  • Secondary Project Admin name/CAF email contact (someone who will be backup for this project)
  • Public Project or Private Project

Project Wiki Space
Once project setup is complete you will be given access to edit the wiki page for your project and there will be a link to your wiki space on your project web page.  Project web pages can be found here.

It is the responsibility of the Project Admin to update the wiki page content for your project.

After the project is setup, if you have any problems editing your wiki page please contact: ITPeople AT codeaurora DOT org.

Register for a CodeAurora Forum account

Give us your SSH key

Code repos section

  • each new repo request should have a repo description included that will be displayed in cgit and show up here.  For large amounts of repos, this list should be included as a CSV file:

     repo path, repo description

  • repo path can be the repo name or folder groupings above it -- the repo path is your CAF Repository Name used for pushes and clones
  • is this a fork of an existing CAF project?
  • are there any repo mirrors that need to be pulled in? (is this a one time or continual? if continual, how often? please provide the git clone url or svn url)
  • are there any other outside (non-CAF) projects that need to be pulled in? (is this a one time or continual? if continual, how often?)
  • are there any added repos need to be created (new work)?
  • who will need access? (please provide contributors SSH keys via the codeaurora website.  See "Submitting your SSH key to CAF".

Patches section (tarballs are not patches)

Mirrored source

  • do you need to mirror any source tarballs?
  • provide list of tarballs need mirrored
  • need to know: source url, md5 sum, license, (bitbake file/ebuild/debian source file/rpm source file, etc) or why you need this mirrored?

Pushing code section

  • will you require the ability to push code to other repos?
  • do you have write access permission from the project admins?

Misc section

  Please describe any other configurations needed for your project (such as file repositories for tarballs, etc...)


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