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84 84  Using your CAF or company appropriate email identity, you should [[create and/or submit >>||rel="__blank"]]your SSH key to your[[ Developer account>>||rel="__blank"]]. Unregistered keys are not allowed and will be deleted.
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86 -**CAF only supports 1 SSH key per user.**
86 +**//CAF only supports 1 SSH key per user.//**
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88 88  ==== __**Code Guidelines ~-~- preparing your code for CAF**__ ====
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90 90  Please remember that //only //open source software is hosted on CAF. Proprietary software and pre-built executable binary artifacts (e.g. object code, shared libraries, bytecode, or firmware) do NOT belong on CAF. An exception is made for firmware binaries that are provided for convenience that follow the *[[ linux-firmware guidelines>>]]. To provide assurance of the code provenance of all hosted code for a CAF project, The Linux Foundation recommends bringing in existing codebases through a review system as historical commits could contain non-compliant code not present in the latest commit.
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