Qualcomm OSTG LiD

Qualcomm OSTG (Open Source Technology Group) LiD (License Identifier) tool scans source code and identifies the license and the license text region using a standard set of license templates from sources like SPDX.

Underneath the hood, LiD utilizes a bag of the words approach. Instead of using just one word at a time (unigram), it uses bigram and trigram as one "word". Then, a distribution of such unigram, bigram and trigram is computed, and is used for detecting the license type. When detecting license text regions, this tool employees edit distance metrics to find the optimal start and end position of the identified license text.

Please note: We are working on a method to accept contributions once we release additional dependencies needed for full LiD functionality. At that point it is likely we will update this repository in a non-backwards compatible manner.



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Downloading and Building from Source

Please see the README.md file in the repository.


BSD 3-clause “New” license: BSD-3-Clause

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