The Open Embedded for MSM project provides a headless user interface which uses GNU/Linux along with the OpenEmbedded build environment.

Project sources may be browsed using GitWeb.

Downloading Source

The Repo tool is used to download all of the Git repositories which are included in a given software release. Each release includes a branch and unique versioned manifest. The versioned manifest contains the list of commits to sync each project to.

Download Repo

$ curl > /bin/repo
$ chmod a+x /bin/repo

As an example, the M9615AAAARNLZA1010.xml versioned manifest and mdm branch are obtained using Repo as follows: 

$ repo init -u git:// -b release -m M9615AAAARNLZA1010.xml
$ repo sync

A specific release is downloaded by choosing both a branch and manifest from the Releases table.

$ repo init -u git:// -b [branch] -m [manifest] --repo-url=git://
$ repo sync
Note: Use the below commands for syncing the code for all the releases from August 14th, 2012 onwards.
$ repo init -u git:// -b release -m [manifest] --repo-url=git://
$ repo sync


Branch Targets
release  mdm9615
mdm  mdm9615
penguin  mdm9615
kiwi  mdm9615

09/03/2011 Alpha release including LK boot loader, Linux kernel, OpenEmbedded environment and tools used to create a BusyBox initramfs root file system image.

Building Images

Build a yaffs2 image for the MDM9x15 CDP platform

$ source oe-core/build/conf/
$ build9615

Images are output to the <WORKSPACE>/oe-core/build/tmp-eglibc/deploy/images/9615-cdp directory.
Configuration and recipes can be found in the <WORKSPACE>/oe-core/meta-msm directory.


Older Releases prior to Sept 2011 based upon the PTXDist build environment. Captain: For great justice.


The source code available for download from Code Aurora may be covered by one or more different licenses.  The files in Code Aurora may contain changes and additions on top of the code from the original source.  These changes and additions are covered under the same license as the original source.  In many cases, the license is explicitly listed at the beginning of the file.  A list of licenses is included for reference purposes only.

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