Release Notes:

The current version of release is the version v0.2

Code Aurora Forum Fork Release Version v0.2
Copyright (c) 2015, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.

This release is based on :
tiotest v0.4.2 (C) 1999-2008 tiobench team <>

Change Log for version 0.2
  1. Fix and now support the MMAP based I/O tests
  2. Support using custom and time based seed for the random funtion
  3. Add support for additional options to do fadvice and not drop page cache

Change Log for version 0.1
  1. Fix compilation warnings and errors when compiling for arm 32 and 64 bit
  2. Add support to sync and drop the page-cache before each test
  3. Fix bug in computation of total data read or written for random IO
  4. Add support to pre-create files before read and random I/O tests
  5. Add new command-line option to perform direct io operations...using O_DIRECT
  6. Print the IOPS for random I/O tests

Cloning and building

To clone the project locally:

git clone git://

HTML LINK to browse the git:

Building Specific Versions

For version 0.1
$ git checkout CAF.0.1
For version 0.2
$ git checkout CAF.0.2

Then Build using below instructions

The below steps to compile to cross compile the source for 32bit and 64 bit  arm processors

Setup tool chain for arm and arch64-arm

For example using the linaro toolchain:

64 bit:

32 bit:

Download the tarball and extract the toolchain
Then add the tool chain to your $PATH.

To compile :
64 bit:
$ cd tiobench
$ make CC=aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc LINK=aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc LDFLAGS=-static tiotest

32 bit:
$ cd tiobench
$ make CC=arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc LINK=arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc LDFLAGS=-static tiotest

This should generate the tiotest binary in the same folder as your source.

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