The project optimizes Firefox OS for use with MSMs.

A Gitweb interface is available to browse the source.

Branch Releases

Releases are available for download using Repo and Git. The general form is:
  $ repo init  --repo-url=git:// --repo-branch=caf-stable -u git:// -b release -m [manifest]
  $ repo sync

Active Branches

  • - These AUs are based on Firefox OS v1.0.1
  • - These AUs are based on Firefox OS v1.1
  • - These AUs are based on Firefox OS v1.2
  • - These AUs are based on Firefox OS v1.3

Downloading and Building from Source

The build environment is virtually identical to Android.  However additional host tools are required, please be sure to install all required prerequisites as listed in build prerequisites

For example:

   $ repo init  --repo-url=git:// --repo-branch=caf-stable -u git:// -b release -m caf_AU_LINUX_GECKO_ICS_STRAWBERRY.
   $ repo sync
   $ . build/
   $ lunch msm7627a-eng
   $ make

Please refer to the manifest for the list of available manifests.


The source code available for download from Code Aurora may be covered by one or more different licenses.  The files in Code Aurora may contain changes and additions on top of the code from the original source.  These changes and additions are covered under the same license as the original source.  In many cases, the license is explicitly listed at the beginning of the file.  A list of licenses is included for reference purposes only.

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