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Instructions for m42 branch

You can build m42 as a stand-alone APK or build bits to integrate in the Android Build as a system package.
For each of these, the following steps are common:

  1. Copy a .gclient file to the workspace root
  2. Sync the code and runhooks
  3. Build the appropriate target corresponding to system-package or stand-alone apk followed by instructions in that section below


solutions = [
  { "name"        : "src",
   "url"         : "git://codeaurora.org/quic/chrome4sdp/chromium/src.git@refs/remotes/origin/m42",
   "deps_file"   : "DEPS",
   "managed"     : True,
   "safesync_url": "",
target_os = ["android"]


gclient sync -n
cd src
. build/android/envsetup.sh


Follow instructions at Browser Customization and Features for branding the browser. Most of the documentation is under Common Changes and 'Channels' section for the same.


Build with GCC
GYP_DEFINES="$GYP_DEFINES clang=0 OS=android" gclient runhooks -v

Build SWE as standalone package(ninja)

ninja -C out/Release swe_android_browser_apk
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