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Instructions for m54

You can build m54 as a stand-alone APK or build bits to integrate in the Android Build as a system package.
For each of these, the following steps are common:

  1. Copy a .gclient file to the workspace root
  2. Sync the code and runhooks
  3. Build the appropriate target corresponding to system-package or stand-alone apk followed by instructions in that section below


solutions = [
  { "name"        : "src",
   "url"         : "git://",
   "deps_file"   : "DEPS",
   "managed"     : False,
   "safesync_url": "",
target_os = ["android"]


export GYP_CHROMIUM_NO_ACTION=1 # don't process gyp
gclient sync
cd src
. ./build/android/
gn gen out/Default --args='target_os="android" is_debug=false'


Follow instructions at Browser Customization and Features for branding the browser. Most of the documentation is under Common Changes and 'Channels' section for the same.

Build SWE as standalone package(ninja)

ninja -C out/Default swe_browser_apk

Build SWE as system package(ninja)

ninja -C out/Default swe_system_package
Once built, you will find it at: out/Default/

Integrate SWE Android Package in Android Build

  1. Remove existing Android Browser, if already present in the Android Build Tree.  We will call the root of Android Build <android-build-root>
  2. rm -rf <android-build-root>/packages/apps/Browser
  3. Copy the created above to <android-build-root>
  4. cd <android-build-root>
  5. unzip -d packages/apps/Browser/
  6. Follow normal Android Build Process to make the build. Browser will be part of the system image.
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