Since this project is a fork from Chromium, a reference link to instructions from Chromium wiki can be found below.
In order to sync and build SWE successfully, follow the steps below.

Pre-requisites and setup

The short unified snippet for the same is also listed at: Environment Setup
Most of the instructions to setup the environment, tools and packages are also listed at The chromium page: You need to follow these steps and ensure they are up to date with
each new release of SWE.

Configuration needed to sync from mirrors setup in China

If you are located in China and you want to sync the source code, you may want to apply the configuration mentioned at link below so that you can get the sources from the mirrors in China, instead of having to get the data from the servers in USA. This will help reduce your sync time. Moreover, you may not need to apply any configuration for other special projects mentioned on the link below, just follow the common configuration.

High level Steps for Build

  1. Copy the appropriate .gclient file for relevant branch mentioned below in your workspace in a .gclient file
  2. Sync the source code
  3. Customize the build (BRANDING) if needed
  4. Build

Build and Sync Instructions For Current Active Branches

Beta Build Instructions: m55 is the Beta Branch. It Supports Android 'L' and 'M' Releases. It should meet Chinese Carrier Requirements.
Stable Build Instructions: m54 is the Stable Branch. It Supports Android 'L' and 'M' Releases. It should meet Chinese Carrier Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am running into Java JDK errors when making a build. What could be wrong?
    Check the  Oracle Java JDK section at Environment Setup 
  • I am unable to completely sync the code.  It running into time-outs.
    Make sure you are syncing with the command gclient sync.  If you are behind a firewall, please check access to google code servers and the CodeAurora server. 
  • Sync times in China are very large.
    Please see the section above on configuring to sync from the mirror in China

Chromium's build documentation

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