2net Wireless Healthcare Hub

2net is a project that designs the product and attendant software for a gateway/Hub device that collects biometric data from health care devices over short-range radio, and communicates the same over cellular to the 2net cloud platform.  For more information on 2net, please visit http://www.qualcommlife.com/wireless-health.

Patch File Root(s) Release Description
20111014   Pre-release  Bare P3 Hub Linux & boot loader BSP.  
20111104   No Version  Initial release. Added ANT+ support.
20111118   B0002  Enabled WiFi interface.
20111216   B0003  Added Continua support.
20120127   B0007  Increased stability.
20120531   B0019  Support for USB medical devices.
20121004   B0021  Improved support for USB medical devices.
  B0022  Tighter security changes. Support for DA development.


The source code available for download from Code Aurora may be covered by one or more different licenses.  The files in Code Aurora may contain changes and additions on top of the code from the original source.  These changes and additions are covered under the same license as the original source.  In many cases, the license is explicitly listed at the beginning of the file.  A list of licenses is included for reference purposes only.

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